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Marie Flynn

Director, The Enneagram Institute of Ireland

Marie Flynn is a business woman, has a diploma in psychotherapy and is a certified Enneagram teacher and certified Authorised workshop teacher with the Enneagram Institute. Marie trained with the world’s leading Enneagram teachers Don Riso (R.I.P.) and Russ Hudson in New York.

I have been extremely privileged to have studied with Don Riso and Russ Hudson. Although Don passed away in August 2012, he lives on in the hearts of all his students and friends and the amazing work he did with the Enneagram. Russ Hudson continues to grow and develop their theories and ideas and to teach worldwide. I will always be indebted to both men for their work, their teachings and their presence.

Finding the Enneagram was like finding a map to a deeply buried ancient secret treasure. The Enneagram pointed me in the direction of my defence structure, my habitual patterns and my greatest fears. On discovering these my awareness of myself grew. I became aware of what I avoided and what I overused and the more aware I became the more I began to understand why I behaved in these ways.

I also gained wonderful insight into the reasons why not everyone behaves as I do and why sometimes I struggled in my relationships, both personal and business.

In particular the Enneagram was a wonderful gift to me as a mother showing me how possessive and controlling I was in the lives of my children. I believe the Enneagram has been an invaluable aid in helping my daughter and son to have a greater sense of themselves and who they are as they emerge into early adulthood and move out into the world.

The Enneagram also showed me where I was hiding my gifts and bought me to an understanding of why I found it difficult to access them. However discovering my type and my patterns did not mean that my life was suddenly and miraculously wonderful. This was just the beginning but I could not change if I could not see what needed to change. Life is still full of ups and downs however I feel I can face life’s challenges with an ever filling tool box as opposed to a hammer and chisel or a blanket to hide under.

The teachings of the Enneagram have brought greater awareness to my life and remind me daily of how important the practice of presence is. It is much harder to act out my particular ‘brand’ of behaviour when we I am present.

Our Collaborators

In October 2015 Marie hosted the Inner Work Retreat, Being in the Body. This was facilitated by Russ Hudson co-founder of the Enneagram Institute and Jason Stern, Gurdjieff teacher. From 16th to 21st October 2016 Marie will once again host Russ and Jason as they facilitate the Inner Work Retreat, Being with your Heart.

Russ Hudson

Co-founder, The Enneagram Institute

Russ Hudson is one of the principal scholars and innovative thinkers in the Enneagram world today. He is Executive Director of Enneagram Personality Types, Inc. and co-Founder of The Enneagram Institute. He has been co-teaching the Enneagram Professional Training Programs since 1991, and is a Founding Director and former Vice-President of the International Enneagram Association. He is also co-author of The Wisdom Of The Enneagram, Personality Types (Revised Edition), Understanding the Enneagram (Revised Edition), Discovering Your Personality Type (Revised Edition), and The Power Of The Enneagram (audio tape). He also assisted Don Riso in writing Enneagram Transformations. He holds a degree in East Asian Studies from Columbia University in New York, from which he graduated Phi Beta Kappa.

Jason Stern

Jason Stern is a writer, publisher and teacher living in the Hudson Valley of New York in the United States. He has studied and practiced many inner work traditions with a grounding in the teaching of GI Gurdjieff and the Fourth Way. Jason leads inner work groups in New York and Internationally. He lives in New Paltz with his wife and partner Amara and his two teenage sons.

Jason is the founder and president of Chronogram Media, publisher of  Chronogram magazineand author of Learning to Be Human. He maintains a website  of the same name.

Roxanne Howe-Murphy

Roxanne Howe-Murphy, Ed.D.

Founder and Senior Faculty of the Deep Coaching Institute, and the Deep Living Institute

Roxanne authored Deep Coaching: Using the Enneagram as a Catalyst for Profound Change (2007), Deep Living: Transforming Your Relationship to Everything That Matters Through the Enneagram (2013), Deep Living with the Enneagram: Recovering Your True Nature, Revised and Updated (pub, Jan, 2020) and is working on her next book based on EnneaCrossings™.

NOTE: Roxanne and her colleague, Diana Redmond, discovered the symbol they called the EnneaCrossings™ in 2012. It has since evolved into EnneaCrossings™.

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