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One-to-One Sessions

Marie sees clients on a One to One basis. As an Enneagram teacher I never ‘type’ people. We would work together to get an understanding of ‘types’ and how a person relates to the personality types. We look at the basic fears and desires, how the instinctual energies are working in the person and what it is that is causing the person to feel trapped or stuck in particular areas in their life or in particular relationships. It is often necessary to hypothesise about another person’s type during sessions but this is never about analysing others.

Marie also works with couples to help them to explore their different views of the world and grow and develop within their relationship.

These one to one sessions help to grow our self – awareness and self – esteem. It helps us to remove our ‘rose tinted glasses’ and get a clear perspective of our world.

For more information please contact Marie.

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