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The Enneagram is a rich and practical study of personal growth based on ancient teachings of mysterious origins. Today, this study has a modern overlay of psychological typing rooted in these ancient teachings.

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06mayAll Day11Beyond Duality: Living at the Intersection of our Infinite and Finite Naturewith Roxanne Howe-Murphy, EdD

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24aug(aug 24)6:00 pm29(aug 29)12:00 pmThe Turn of the Heart: Deepening our Devotion to Practice

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What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a profound tool of transformation. (Enneagram derives from the Greek words Ennea meaning Nine and Gram meaning drawing).

We have all Nine Types in us so we can probably recognise most of the descriptions of Type. However we have one Dominant Type, our default position, our way of operating in the world. This is the position we take in order to get our needs met. No one Type is better than another. Each has its gifts and each has its pitfalls.

Growing an awareness of our behaviours allows us to see how we trap ourselves and keep ourselves constricted. Growing an awareness of the ‘Types’ of others in our lives allows us more freedom and less judgement of others and ourselves within our relationships.

The 9 Personality Types

However we use the Enneagram finding our type is just the first step on the wonderful journey of self discovery. Remember we have all nine types in us but one of them is our default type – where we go to get our basic human needs met.

Type 1: Reformer

Rational, Principled.

Type 2: Helper

Caring, Interpersonal.

Type 3: Achiever

Success-Oriented, Pragmatic.

Type 4: Individualist

Sensitive, Withdrawn.

Type 5: Investigator

Intense, Cerebral.

Type 6: Loyalist

Committed, Security-Oriented.

Type 7: Enthusiast

Busy, Fun-Loving.

Type 8: Challenger

Powerful, Dominating.

Type 9: Peacemaker

Easygoing, Self-Effacing.

  • Marie Flynn
    Marie FlynnDirector, The Enneagram Institute of Ireland

    Marie Flynn is a business woman, has a diploma in psychotherapy and is a certified Enneagram teacher with the Enneagram Institute. Marie trained with the world’s leading Enneagram teachers Don Riso (R.I.P.) and Russ Hudson in New York. Read full bio

What our clients say

I have attended a number of retreats that Marie has organised and without exception they have all been a wonderful experience. The organisation is smooth and seamless which makes it very easy to say yes every time to them. She attracts an international mix of people to attend which makes it fun and interesting. The work we have done on her retreats with Russ Hudson has been profound, deep and transformational. I am very grateful to Marie for her commitment to making these work.Jenny Williams
Jenny Williams
I have just done the Enneagram Body Work retreat that Marie organised in Dublin. It was fantastic. This has taken a lot of dedication and perseverance over many years on Marie part to make this happen in Ireland! Marie sets an excellent example for all and shares her own real life experiences, which brings the work to life. Thank you again for an excellent retreat, for all your support and flexibility.  I look forward to the next one.Julia Anne Lenihan
Julia Anne Lenihan
It is a real honor to write a testimonial for Marie Flynn. The only challenge is finding the words to express how talented, empathetic and soul-ful she is.  I was privileged to get to know Marie in connection with the Enneagram Institute Inner Work Retreat she put together near Dublin in October 2015. I can’t even begin to imagine the prodigious and creative work required to coordinate schedules of the very busy leaders, find a suitable (outstanding, in fact) place for the retreat and bring the participants from all over the world together. What I can speak to from very personal experience is how profoundly present Marie was — unfailingly and with all of us. I gained deeply valued personal insights from talking with her. I feel I also gained from her a more lasting and nuanced understanding of the Work we were all there to do.  I hope and trust Marie will always be a friend and mentor.Carolyn Fulton
Carolyn Fulton
Marie Flynn is simply the real thing. I respect her sharp mind, her ability to communicate from her own experience, to be both authentic and kind, to bring vision to reality. But what makes me really receptive to these qualities is the experience of the rare gift of being truly met and valued when I am in her presence.Melora Braver Ph.D.
Melora Braver Ph.D.Independent Practice Psychologist, State College, PA, U.S.A.

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