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september, 2019

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Enneagram Insights Ireland Retreat

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Once we have learned something about the deeper elements of the Enneagram, we may embark upon a journey of authentic inner work – learning how our psyche functions and discovering ways to sustain our capacity for presence. But if we are sincere, we eventually realize that our work is not about ourselves alone – the work is more about how we participate in life, and in a greater experience of what the world actually is. We begin to taste something of the deeper purpose of being a human being. At this point, we continue to do our inner work, but we are more and more dedicated to living a life that is harmonious with the laws of nature operating around us and in us. This sense was quite natural to indigenous peoples as well as in the great civilizations of the ancient world, but has been largely lost to our modern sensibilities.


In previous retreats we have explored the three main centers of intelligence as described in the Enneagram work: the body, the heart, and the head, and another retreat on harmonizing the centers within us. This retreat will emphasize more the sense of how our individual consciousness “plugs into” larger and deeper themes and patterns of the universe. We will emphasize more awareness of the “group field” – the energy that connects us and makes the work more possible for us, and study the ways in which we go in and out of participating consciously in this field. We will learn some of Gurdjieff’s core teachings about the greater laws which govern our possible participation, and see how we experience these ideas in our own lives.


In short, we will be exploring the ancient dictum “as above, so below” and seeing what this means to us personally. We hear ‘rumors” that we are interconnected with all life. In this retreat we want to explore the sense of this directly and specifically.


This program is the continuation of a series of inner work retreats offered by master teacher Russ Hudson. The retreat offers people an opportunity to come together to take a meaningful step in the cultivation of true presence. Participants engage with inner work practices including inner exercises, solo and dialectical inquiry, movement arts, and breathwork. Through direct experience, reflection, and dialogue, you assimilate core tenets of inner work in the context of a living universe.


This retreat is open to people with all levels of experience who come prepared for the intensive nature of the training. The only prerequisite is a strong wish and aim to embody greater presence.


Specific themes and areas of focus include:

  • Deepening presence in our nature by connecting to the natural world
  • True wakefulness and participation in the process of reality
  • Making ourselves useful to larger forces
  • Gurdjieff’s idea of the Law of Reciprocal Maintenance and interconnectedness of all life
  • The hierarchy of inner worlds: the order of the cosmos or place in it
  • The laws behind the Enneagram at work in the world, law of three, law of seven
  • Egypt and ancient cultures view of the cosmos
  • Gurdjieff’s teaching of paying the debt of our existence through balanced emanation


The retreat will begin with super at 6pm on Sunday 1st September and finish with lunch on Friday 6th September 2019.

Full Residential €2,100

Early Bird Residential €1,950 (available until 31st July 2019)

Full Residential will include accommodation in single en-suite rooms (there are a small amount of double / twin rooms available). All meals (breakfast, dinner and supper) are also included with tea & coffee available all day.

Non – Residential €1,850

Early Bird Non – Residential €1,700 (available until 31st July 2019)

Non – Residential will include dinner and supper with tea and coffee available all day. (Please note breakfast is not available for non – residential participants.

Venue: Emmaus, Lissenhall, Swords, Co Dublin

Rooms are single en – suite. There are a small number of double en – suite also available.

This Retreat will start on 1st September with an evening meal at 6pm with actual Retreat starting at 7pm. We will finish on 6th September with lunch 12pm.


Marie FlynnThe Enneagram Institute of Ireland


1 (Sunday) 6:00 pm - 6 (Friday) 1:00 pm


Emmaus Centre

Ennis Lane, Lissenhall, Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland

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