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Marie hosts Russ Hudson and other teachers in Ireland, currently at the Emmaus Centre in Dublin. These range from weekend workshops to 6 day retreats.

In October 2015 Marie hosted the Inner Work Retreat, Being in the Body. This was facilitated by Russ Hudson co – founder of the Enneagram Institute and Jason Stern, Gurdjieff teacher.

In October 2016 Marie once again hosted Russ and Jason as they facilitated the Inner Work Retreat, Being with your Heart.

In October 2017  Russ and Jason returned to facillitate the last of the three retreats in this series.

The aim in all three Inner Work Retreats is to encounter and work through our remaining, deep, psycho-spiritual blockages. To that end, they all include experiential exercises such as physical movement, spiritual teachings, meditations, music, journaling, and small group work.

A new series of Inner Work Retreats began in 2018.  It was held once again at Emmaus from 5th to 10th December.

In May 2020 Marie will host Roxanne Howe Murphy in Ireland for the first time. Roxanne will facilitate a retreat ‘Beyond Duality’ – Living at the intersection of our infinite and finite nature.

It is with great anticipation and excitement that we await this new retreat with Roxanne as she introduces EnneaCrossings™, which she has been developing over the last six years. We believe this will help to further deepen our work which we have been doing here in Ireland annually with Russ Hudson and Jason Stern annually since 2015. 

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06mayAll Day11Beyond Duality: Living at the Intersection of our Infinite and Finite Naturewith Roxanne Howe-Murphy, EdD

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