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Awareness Is The Key To Change

The benefits of the Enneagram are far reaching. Bringing an awareness of our unconscious behaviours and patterns allows us to get a better understanding or our triggers and automatic reactions.

Working with the Enneagram as a presence based practice can bring more peace of mind, an open heart and more confidence. Our relationships can improve, we can manage issues arising in our lives and we can find our potential and purpose.

Personal Growth

Awareness is the key to change. If we are unaware of our automatic predictable behaviours and the effect of these behaviours on ourselves and others, how would we know what to change and why?

The Enneagram shows us where we get stuck, what our greatest fears are and why we rely on predictable behaviours in any situation. It points us to our particular personality ‘structure’, what drives us and what is our saving grace. As we use the Enneagram to see our automatic patterns of behaviour our awareness grows and we see how we get ourselves into difficulties in all areas of our lives. With this awareness we can begin to let go bit by bit of this tight structure which we believed kept us safe from hurt and pain (did it? Have you never been hurt?) and can lead to a greater understanding and compassion towards ourselves and others.

The Enneagram is not a static symbol but rather a dynamic flowing tool which teaches us how to grow and develop towards fulfilling our potential, using our inherent gifts and attributes leading us to a more engaged and lived life.

As we grow in understanding ourselves and our desires, drives and fears our presence grows. This takes time and practice. All our relationships can be profoundly transformed by this work.

The Workplace

One size fits all in not necessarily good practice in business. It can lead to misunderstandings, miscommunication and lack of trust. Using the Enneagram we get an understanding of our personality types and we can understand how different people need different management styles. When we take these differences into account we can begin to understand other’s motivations, problems solving styles, values and defences. The Enneagram helps to show us the underlying issues and the focus can then be moved from ‘problem bosses’ or ‘problem workers’ to the ‘problem behaviour’. This removes the negative labelling of people and allows managers and employees to communicate more clearly and break through barriers of all kinds. It can also bring focus to the capacities and strengths of each person leading to clearer communication, trust and minimise conflicts in the workplace.

The Enneagram helps everyone have a clearer idea of what they need to change or improve and can motivate them by having a positive healthy vision of their type and the high functioning person they can become.


Relationships are a huge part of our lives. From the moment we are born (and before) we are in relationship. Parents, siblings, friends, co – workers, romantic partners and children etc. Often I am asked about what personality Type would suit me best in a relationship ….. this is not necessarily the way to look at. Levels of development play a huge part in relationships. So it is hard to imagine a relationship working if one person (regardless of Type) is in the higher average to healthy levels while the other person is in the lower levels.

Understanding our Enneagram Type means we understand our drives, motivations fears and desires and understanding our partners Type means we understand where they are coming from. As we look at the symbol of the Enneagram we see that all nine points are contained within a circle. This indicates that we have all nine Types within us. So it is not a matter of knowing another Type from reading it in a book or learning it at a workshop. As we develop ourselves and grow in awareness our presence grows also. With presence we can become aware of how all the Types feel in me, not just my dominant Type. From this place we can have a real understanding of others motivations drives and fears. This can lead to great understanding and compassion and to truly great and beautiful relationships of every kind. We are no longer standing in our own position judging others for not doing things our way or being the person we want them to be but rather seeing them in their true light as they manage to move through their lives.

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What our clients say

I have attended a number of retreats that Marie has organised and without exception they have all been a wonderful experience. The organisation is smooth and seamless which makes it very easy to say yes every time to them. She attracts an international mix of people to attend which makes it fun and interesting. The work we have done on her retreats with Russ Hudson has been profound, deep and transformational. I am very grateful to Marie for her commitment to making these work.Jenny Williams
Jenny Williams
I have just done the Enneagram Body Work retreat that Marie organised in Dublin. It was fantastic. This has taken a lot of dedication and perseverance over many years on Marie part to make this happen in Ireland! Marie sets an excellent example for all and shares her own real life experiences, which brings the work to life. Thank you again for an excellent retreat, for all your support and flexibility.  I look forward to the next one.Julia Anne Lenihan
Julia Anne Lenihan
It is a real honor to write a testimonial for Marie Flynn. The only challenge is finding the words to express how talented, empathetic and soul-ful she is.  I was privileged to get to know Marie in connection with the Enneagram Institute Inner Work Retreat she put together near Dublin in October 2015. I can’t even begin to imagine the prodigious and creative work required to coordinate schedules of the very busy leaders, find a suitable (outstanding, in fact) place for the retreat and bring the participants from all over the world together. What I can speak to from very personal experience is how profoundly present Marie was — unfailingly and with all of us. I gained deeply valued personal insights from talking with her. I feel I also gained from her a more lasting and nuanced understanding of the Work we were all there to do.  I hope and trust Marie will always be a friend and mentor.Carolyn Fulton
Carolyn Fulton
Marie Flynn is simply the real thing. I respect her sharp mind, her ability to communicate from her own experience, to be both authentic and kind, to bring vision to reality. But what makes me really receptive to these qualities is the experience of the rare gift of being truly met and valued when I am in her presence.Melora Braver Ph.D.
Melora Braver Ph.D.Independent Practice Psychologist, State College, PA, U.S.A.

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